Katherine & Russell • The Ashford Estate


Katherine and Russell have been so much fun getting to know this past year.  Not only are they gorgeous and elegant…but the also really know how to cut loose and have a blast.  Ahem, yes, I am talking about the surprise first dance where they broke into “what is love” more popularly know as the “Night at the Rocksbury song”.  Its times like that I also wish I shot video…so fun!


I am excited to say this wedding was also featured on Black Tie Bride and was a runner up for Best of Weddings of the Year  Such an honor.


The following were shot with both digital and some film.  And Thanks to Jessica Goldschmidt for second shooting.




may_ashford_estate_nj_0363may_ashford_estate_nj_0364may_ashford_estate_nj_0365may_ashford_estate_nj_0366may_ashford_estate_nj_0367may_ashford_estate_nj_0368may_ashford_estate_nj_0369may_ashford_estate_nj_0370may_ashford_estate_nj_0371may_ashford_estate_nj_0372may_ashford_estate_nj_0373may_ashford_estate_nj_0374may_ashford_estate_nj_0375may_ashford_estate_nj_0376may_ashford_estate_nj_0377may_ashford_estate_nj_0378may_ashford_estate_nj_0379may_ashford_estate_nj_0380may_ashford_estate_nj_0381may_ashford_estate_nj_0382may_ashford_estate_nj_0383may_ashford_estate_nj_0384may_ashford_estate_nj_0385may_ashford_estate_nj_0386may_ashford_estate_nj_0387may_ashford_estate_nj_0388may_ashford_estate_nj_0389may_ashford_estate_nj_0390may_ashford_estate_nj_0391may_ashford_estate_nj_0392bridal gown: Designer: Alvina Valenta

Flowers:MDS Floral Designs

Invitations: Unique Unusuals

Program/Menu/Placecards: Stephanie Somodi

Makeup:Pin It Up Bridal

Grooms attaire:Men’s Warehouse

Cinema: Rob Adams Films

Limo: Santos VIP

Cake:The Bake Works

Band: The Russ Bennett Band




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